Strasbourg Pavement Collection Project

Command 1: Response                                                    October 25th 2011

Strasbourg Pavement Collection Project

The work:

From the start date – October 25th 2011 – I will collect photos of Strasbourg’s pavements – measuring and marking a section of 1m2 for each street, avenue, alley, plaza or square (etc.) selected.

Strasbourg has 487 streets (approx.). With 63 days remaining in Strasbourg I will collect 8 pavements a day – exploring the city more thoroughly in the process.

This collection will be brought together in a final piece featuring each 1mreduced to 4.5cmto make a new 1mprint.



1m= 100cm × 100cm  = 10, 000 cm

10,000 / 487 = 20.538809076

√20.538809076 = 4.531432544294437

*I will round this figure down to 4.5


Please see the following sheets as illustrations of the process so far.

Yours sincerely,

Rohanne Udall