A practice of reading aloud, rules

  1. I will record myself reading a text.
  2. The text should be chosen with the idea/intention/feeling that it may have some research value to me and my work but;
  3. I have not read the text before – the recorded reading is the first time I have read the text.
  4. I must read the text in full without stopping, unless there are special circumstances that stop me.
  5. I can, and should, repeat the text I don’t understand or have stumbled over, as I would when reading to myself.
  6. I should read the texts without personal interjection – but after reading might record myself thinking/responding aloud should I be comfortable doing so, or may do so within the post. I am undecided on the rules regarding my reaction to the text. 
  7. I will share the reading here as part of my ongoing research and process.